Address Book
Assign human-readable names to Ethereum addresses
The Address Book app makes it easy to assign human-readable names to Ethereum addresses.
Disclaimer: The Address Book application is designed to act as a new Identity Provider for Aragon Organizations, so you can assign a name to an Ethereum address and have that name be displayed in all of your Aragon apps in place of the address. This requires an enhancement to aragonSDK, which is scheduled for an upcoming release. We will remove this note once it’s fully available, but until then you can begin naming and categorizing addresses.

New entity

To add a new address to your Address Book, click the "New entity" button.
In the panel, input the name you want to assign to an address. You can label your new entity as either an Individual or an Organization. The Address must be a valid Ethereum address.
Once the transactions been created, navigate to the Voting app to cast your vote on adding the new entity to your Address Book.
Once the vote's been enacted, the new entity should appear on your Address Book.

Remove entity

To remove an existing entity, click on the menu icon associated to the entity you want to remove and click “Remove”.

Features coming soon

Custom types

If an entity is neither an individual nor an organization, you can create an entity with a “Custom type”, or in other words, a user-defined category, which can be reused across other entities.
To set up a custom type, the option can be selected from the “Type” dropdown menu. After doing so, an additional input appears right below where you can input the name. After an entity with this type gets created, the type will be reusable.

Update an entity

To make any modifications to an existing entity, click on the menu icon associated to the entity and choose “Update”. This will open a panel where a new "Name" or "Type" can be defined.
Last modified 2yr ago