Getting Started
Discover how to set your organization up with Open Enterprise
Are you ready to experiment with Aragon and Open Enterprise, but don't know how to start? In this section, we'll go over the requirements and initial onboarding steps with Aragon to make sure you're all set up to explore our apps.

Set up your organization

As we mentioned in an earlier section, organizations on Aragon are currently implemented on top of the Ethereum blockchain. Doing so, there is a choice to make as to whether to deploy our organization via the Ethereum Mainnet or the Ethereum Testnet (Rinkeby).
Both of these options deploy an organization on top of the Ethereum blockchain, meaning that transactions are signed and stored on the blockchain for events such as casting a vote on a proposal, or transferring funds from one account to another. The major difference between the two is that the Ethereum Testnet is essentially a simulation of the Mainnet. Ether and tokens will be easier to obtain and carry no real-world value, which make for a perfect simulation environment to kick things off before getting real assets involved.

On Ethereum Testnet

Setting up an organization on Aragon on the Ethereum Testnet can be done by navigating to Aragon's Rinkeby website.
For more advanced users, you can also install Open Enterprise on an existing DAO by using the aragonCLI. Refer to our install guides for more details.
Just like we need a credit card to make a payment online, we'll need an Ethereum provider (more commonly referred to as wallet) with at least 0.1 ETH. Remember that as we are on the Ethereum Testnet, these tokens carry no real-world value.

Obtaining test tokens

To obtain test tokens, we'll need to set up our wallet first. Probably the easiest path forward is to install MetaMask, which is a popular add-on to most browsers and offers mobile support to be able to manage your cryptocurrencies and sign transactions on the web. If you're interested in wallets and would like to explore more options, here's a good resource.
Now that we have our wallet ready, it's time to request some funds! To do so, we'll need a Facebook or Twitter account, and follow the instructions provided by the Rinkeby Authenticated Faucet. We'll be asked to publish our request on either of the two social media platforms, including our Ethereum address, which we can copy from our wallet; and consequently placing the link to our post/tweet on the faucet's website.
Once the request has been processed, we should be able to see the requested funds on our address, which means we're ready to create our organization.

Configuring our organization

Now that we've made it past the initial requirements, let's move onto actually configuring the initial settings for our organization.
On Aragon, there are a variety of pre-configured templates available for use when setting up an organization. To set up an organization with all our apps installed, we'll select the Open Enterprise template by clicking on "View details".
In this view, we can find more information about the template, including relative user documentation and source code, or the template configuration, which lists all the the apps that this template will install upon setting up the organization. To proceed, we'll click on "Use this template".
The Open Enterprise template installs a Tokens app with transferable tokens, meaning that each of your organization's members can hold any amount of tokens, and transfer them freely as wanted.
Once we've chosen the template, the next step will be to fill in a series of parameters for how we'll want to configure our organization:
  • Claiming a name – In the form of an ENS domain. This is essentially like choosing a name for a new website domain.
  • Configuring the Voting app – Specifying thresholds for the % of support and number of members a vote requires to pass, as well as the default vote duration.
  • Configuring the Dot Voting app – Essentially the same process as the Voting app with nuanced terminology and descriptions.
  • Configuring the Tokens app – Defining our token. In this step we'll be able to set up our first round of members by adding the addresses of the people that we want to participate in this organization, including ourselves.
Following the app configurations is configuring our token, which we can set up as a token that simply represents membership (1 token per member) or reputation (multiple tokens per member over time) as examples.
And at the end of this process, we'll be asked to review the information, and once we've reviewed everything's correct we can click on "Launch your organization".
As our information processes, we'll be asked to sign two transactions on our wallet, and after a minute or so our organization will be up and running. Congratulations, you've got yourself an organization on the Ethereum Testnet! 🙌

On Ethereum Mainnet

Setting up an organization on Aragon on the Ethereum Mainnet can be done by navigating to Aragon's Mainnet website. Instead of test tokens, you will need to have real ETH in your wallet.
The easiest way to acquire ETH is through Coinbase.

About gas prices

We recommend adjusting your Ethereum Provider's default gas price during your organization's setup process. For more information, review Aragon's general troubleshooting tips.
For additional support until further topics are covered in this guide, chat with us on Keybase or reach out on Twitter.
Last modified 2yr ago