An overview of what Open Enterprise is, and how you can make the best use of its suite of apps to run your organization

About Open Enterprise

Open Enterprise is a suite of apps that allows individuals and groups to run more accountable organizational processes across a variety of uses, including project management and bounties, decision making, budget planning and payments.
Open Enterprise is built and maintained by Autark. The application suite is compatible with Aragon, which runs on Ethereum, and can be accessed via the Ethereum Mainnet or the Ethereum Testnet (Rinkeby).

Open Enterprise apps

Packaged alongside Aragon’s core apps, the current suite of Open Enterprise apps includes:

🔜 About

The About app allows users to create an organization dashboard with widgets that can be customized to include your organization's details or contain insights from other apps.

Address Book

The Address Book app makes it easy to assign human-readable names to Ethereum addresses, an important feature to help recognize the members within an organization.


The Allocations app is used to manage multi-recipient financial allocations that are budget-controlled. Budgets represent spending limits on categorized allocation payments.

Dot Voting

The Dot Voting app is used to participate in multi-option dot votes, where each voter has 100 dots that can be distributed across each option. The voting weight will be determined by multiplying the voter’s token balance at the time the proposal opened by the number of dots for the option. The outcome (e.g. top ranked options) is based on the average voting weight received per option.


The Projects app is a project management app that synchronizes GitHub repositories to your organization, enabling bounties to be allocated to issues and issue curation to determine priorities.


The Rewards app is used to compensate token holders with dividends, which can either occur on a one-time or recurring basis.
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